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Pets & Supplies

Florence's favorite place for marine and freshwater fish

At World Of Pets we offer the best selection of pets and pet supplies in Northern Kentucky. We are especially known for our vast selection of fresh and saltwater fish, ranging from peaceful community fish to unique oddball fish. Don't let our small local shop service and style fool you, at World Of Pets we have everything you and your pet could ask for. Special orders available upon request, depending on current availability. So stop by today and see what our quality pet shop has in store for you. 

Reptiles, amphibians and insects

For you reptile lovers, we have a fantastic selection of snakes, lizards, terrapins, tortoises, frogs, arachnids, and more!

Small pets

Though we are renowned for our reptile and fish collection, we also have a variety of other small pets for you to choose from, including birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, and even kittens! Unfortunately the only thing we don't sell are dogs and puppies, but we do have dog supplies available.

Pet supplies

We carry the best brands at the best prices, including but not limited to: 
  • Dog food and treats, dog beds, dog kennels and pens, dog crates and carriers, dog toys, dog collars and leashes, dog coats and clothing, dog bowls and accessories 
  • Cat food and treats, cat beds, cat scratching furniture, cat flaps, cat carriers and kennels, cat litter, cat toys, cat collars and leashes, cat bowls and accessories 
  • Tropical fish tanks and accessories, cold water fish tanks and accessories, marine fish tanks and accessories, fish tank ornaments, plants and gravel, fish tank equipment and maintenance 
  • Vivariums and accessories, reptile food, reptile healthcare, etc. 
  • Bird food and treats, bird cages, bird toys, bird cage cleaning and more
Stop by and see our wide selection of pets and supplies today!
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